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Online Student Registry - University of Milan - Bicocca

Il logo di Segreterie Online Welcome to the Online Registry (Segreterie OnLine): the digital platform of the University of Milan - Bicocca which provides services for students, lecturers and companies.

Services are available for registered users. Registration can be carried out at any time ad is free.
Users already possessing credentials (user name and password) gain access to services following login.

It is not necessary to register. You may log in with your university credentials (@unimib.it).
Services for teachers (online verbalization), are available following login.

In order to use services for companies (e.g. stage or apprenticeship organization), it is necessary to receive accreditation. A user name and password will be given for access to the system.
To receive accreditation it is necessary to carry out Accreditation request by inserting the VAT no. and/or tax code of the company, whilst not modifying the information relative to the company headquarters and filling in only the information relative to job position and work location.
If you already possess access credentials, you may gain access to services following login.

Public administration and public services managers
Companies registered for the consultation service about student academic careers may gain access following login.