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Education system:[E1601N-17] - ORGANIZATION SCIENCE  
Activation year:2008  
Course Type:Degree Course  
Title conferred.:Laurea in SCIENCES OF THE ORGANIZATION  
Access type:Programmed access seats 265 
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Responsabilità mobilità studenti: MARINA CALLONI  
Responsabilità mobilità studenti: LAURA AROSIO  
Access requirements
-High School Certificate
- one option from the following
1. - Certificate in Information Technology
- Certificate in English Language
Study course structures
[E1601N-08] - Sciences of the organization (Chiuso)
Course presentation
Obiettivi formativi specifici.
Specific objectives of the course degree The main focus of the degree course in Organizational Sciences is to link university education and labor market. It aims to meet the request from private and public companies, particularly, about organizational matters: human resource management, local development and labor market analysis. The degree course sets the bases for an educational pathway that improves skills and competences to understand and promote innovation within complex organizations. In the end, this educational process will shape professional profiles like organizational experts, human resource managers and local development analysts. At the beginning of their career, they will be skilled and active collaborators of senior managers and senior analysts; they will be strongly committed in handling and innovating business models, products and services, and in local development. After that, they will access to high professional positions, and they will be able to promote and coordinate innovation programs focused to increase economical and social value of organizations and local territory, and support directional systems and the human resource management. The training learning will be verified not only by traditional tests, but also by outcomes arisen from laboratory activities, case studies, role games, discussions after movie watching, e-learning programs and feedbacks came from tutors who follow students during the stage periods.
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