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Class:Sociology and social research 
Education system:[F8801N-14] - SOCIOLOGY  
Activation year:2008  
Course Type:2-year Master Degree  
Title conferred.:Laurea magistrale in SOCIOLOGY  
Access type:Free access  
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Responsabilità mobilità studenti: MARINA CALLONI  
Responsabilità mobilità studenti: SIMONA LORENA COMI  
Access requirements
-High School Certificate
- one option from the following
1. - Degree
2. - First Level Degree
3. - Foreign Certificate
4. - University Diploma
Study course structures
[F8801N-08] - Sociology (Chiuso)
Course presentation
Professional status.
Occupational fields Sociologist and professionals in the field of social research able to analyse complex social phenomena characteristic of contemporary societies. Function in a work context: - Methodological and technical skills relating to the collection and processing of data; - Analytical-interpretative Skills (reading of social phenomena); - Communication skills; - Management skills relating to organizational contexts; - Design skills; - Teaching and training Skills. Skills associated with this function: - Construction and project management of quantitative and qualitative sociological research; - Critical use of data sources for social sciences; - Organisation and management of databases; - Report writing; - Coordination of research activities and results presentation using multimedia tools; - Teaching and training. Career opportunities: - Organization and human resource management in public companies, private and non-profit sectors; - Consultancy societies and research foundations operating in work organization, organizational design and change; - Institutions responsible for social analysis and the formulation of cultural, social and work policies; - Research sector on public opinion, business services, services in cultural and communicative area; - Marketing offices, press agencies, personnel dept.; - NGOS that operate in the cultural field, in policies and interventions support; - Training and teaching institutes and Centres.
Obiettivi formativi specifici.
Specific educational goals of the course The course prepares experts and professionals able to analyse and interpret the ways of functioning and the dynamics of change in contemporary societies, linking specialist knowledge within a coherent system of theoretical knowledge and operational skills. Within this framework, the course develops methodological and technical skills required to conduct systematic analysis in some areas of the discipline, and to support empirical analyses related to them. The qualified managerial knowledge and skills will be in detail: - the analysis of work organisation and the design of management systems and human resource development; analysis of regulation processes of economic systems and labour markets, with particular reference to the context of the European Union; analysis, design and evaluation of policies of labour and social security; - the analysis of cultural and communicative processes in complex societies; the analysis of organizational culture and cultural innovation dynamics at institutional and associative level; analysis, design and evaluation of local cultural policies and support policies to multicultural integration. - the analysis of spatiotemporal changes of territorial settlements; analysis, design and evaluation of policies and territorial systems, policies for the development and promotion of the territory; analysis, design and evaluation of governance activities, interests and mediation of conflicts, participatory processes.
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